Our Services

Project Design

We complete all hydraulic calculations to cover building and council requirements in conjunction with the Australian Standards. From blank floor plans in new builds, to design on existing structures or systems.

Domestic & Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

Designed to protect the property and all persons inside. This is essential for retirement homes, buildings that offer assistance to persons with a disability, buildings with a rise of greater than four (4) stories (and an effective height of 25 meters or more), and buildings with an increased distance to the fire exit.

Commercial & Industry Fire Sprinkler Systems

To best protect your assets, we provide a cost-effective, high-performance fire sprinkler system for both racking and overhead fire protection. We focus on practicality to ensure the sprinkler system is suitable for the day-to-day activities of the business.

Fire Pump Sets

We Supply a calculated hydraulic design and install of Diesel and Electric Pump, Valve Sets. This will ensure that appropriate water pressure levels will be met at the most remote locations within your protected area. We also offer maintenance and servicing to all Pump Room related issues.

Fire Hose Reel, Hydrant, Fire Blanket & Fire Extinguishing Servicing

We offer a free consultation to inspect and discuss the appropriate fire fighting equipment that would best suit your business, building structure, assets to be protected. This will ensure adequate fire and safety protection as some fire equipment may be best suited for a different class of danger.

Supply Labour & Subcontracting Services

We have a subcontracting service that can assist with meeting deadlines and keeping you in line with project progress plans. This service can be utilised in timeframes of 1 week or greater and may be useful if you are falling behind or need manpower for a short-term.


Whether you’re curious about features, need a quote, we’re here to answer any questions.